Are you interested in having your keystone join Global EPIC?

An EPIC keystone anchors a local or regional ecosystem that consists of institutions such as academia (e.g., universities), innovative industry (e.g., startups, local businesses, multinationals), and government (regional through to national). The ecosystem should have a clear focus on innovation activities for economic benefit.

Please answer the following questions and email your response to [email protected].
Further information can be found at or by sending an email to [email protected]

  • Name of organization
  • Primary point of contact (name, email, phone, address, 1-paragraph biography)
  • Please provide a description of your ecosystem (include key stakeholders, how old is the ecosystem, how many companies, what are the components)
  • What are the unique qualities of your ecosystem? (e.g., Carleton’s position is that it resides in a unique niche at the intersection of entrepreneurism, open source and cybersecurity.)
  • What emphasis do you have with regards to talent development (e.g., skills, emphasis, entrepreneurism)?
  • Please recommend other “like-minded” ecosystems that could add value to Global EPIC
  • What sorts of projects and activities would you like to work on with other members of Global EPIC?