Netherlands Soft-Landing Program

InnovationQuarter (IQ), Enterprise European Network (EEN) and The Hague Security Delta (HSD) have established a ‘soft-landing’ program for foreign companies that want to establish themselves in The Netherlands and vice versa. This is a part of the larger Global EPIC soft landing program that re-launched Thursday the 18th of March. In this article, Jorrit van de Walle from Audittrail talks about his experiences using the program to take the plunge, successfully, to the USA in 2018!


Audittrail was founded in 2010 and provides audit- and advisory services in several fields, including privacy, information security and risk management.

“In October 2018 and at the beginning of 2019, we have stayed in the US for a few weeks. At cyber incubator Bwtech@UMBC – which is connected to the university of Maryland in Baltimore – we were able to open a temporary office. We were also introduced to the American Chamber of Commerce as network accelerator. They are basically the ones who will guide you during this period. After that, it depends on your own efforts, activities and ideas how successful you become. Fortunately, we can still call IQ or HSD for advice.”

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