Network globally;
benefit locally

Connecting global cybersecurity ecosystems for local economic growth.

Cybersecurity partnerships

Developing global paradigm-shifting partnerships and cooperation between Global EPIC members

Wealth creation

Leveraging cybersecurity to enable economic development opportunities

Global EPIC soft-landing program

Offering companies and entrepreneurs low risk entry for a trial period in one of the Global EPIC ecosystems


A Sampling of the Value Offered by Global EPIC.


With over 30 Cybersecurity Hubs, Global EPIC represents a variety of stakeholders/stakeholder configurations, cultures, geographies, and levels of maturity. Information sharing between Keystones can provide valuable resources to both established and up-and-coming organizations. Examples include soft landing services; shared operational tools, facilities, knowledge, and experience; and connectivity with local stakeholders.


Global EPIC's unique Spiral Roadmap and Public-Private Partnership model will help its members grow in a sustainable quantifiable manner, with the goal of surveying more communities worldwide.


Global EPIC will create development programs to enhance the skillsets and knowledge of individuals operating in specific scenarios (e.g., pathways), and is the first professional organization specializing for economic development professionals focused on cybersecurity.


Global EPIC will allow companies to better anticipate emerging issues, understand coming trends, and investigate theories of new technologies, in order to be better prepared for inevitable cyber-attacks on the horizon.

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